Here are some of the testimonials from families past and present.

“I cannot thank and praise Wetherill Park Pre School enough for their dedication, support, teachings and love for my daughter as she starts her ‘educational’ life.  She has had a wonderful initiation into school.  Thank you to all staff.  We will miss you so much next year!”

“Just want to say thanks for having J and helping him so much in his development.  I’m so glad we went him to you at Wetherill Park Pre School.”

“We are so happy with all that you provide for M.  He loves going to Pre School and always talks about the fun things he is doing.  Thanks you all so much!”

“My husband and I couldn’t be happier to have our daughter in Wetherill Park Pre School.  Everyone is so amazing there and just by seeing my daughter so happy to go to Pre School makes us happy.  Thank you so much for everything.”

“You all do a fantastic job at the Pre School and there is a genuine love and concern for the children.  We feel so fortunate that C has had the opportunity to attend the Pre School.  He has learnt a great deal and for us, the best thing has been his growth in self-confidence and his relationship with others.  You provide so many opportunities for the children that we are grateful for.  Thank you J“

“M’s interest in music is widely recognised by staff and incorporated continuously into the program.  M has grown in confidence and feels safe and secure at Pre School as a result of the exceptional staff!” 

“Comparing our Centre to others my friends’ kids attend, you all do an amazing job going above and beyond my expectations.  I couldn’t have wished more for my daughter.  Thank you all.”

“Wetherill Park Pre School is a wonderful Centre.  All staff are professional, friendly and genuinely care about the children and their families.  We are beyond grateful for the hardworking and dedicated team and the amazing service that is always provided.  Many thanks!”

“All of WPPS’s Quality Areas are at the highest level possible.  Everything you do is for the children and this is evident in their work and love for their Pre School. “

“My children are both so happy at Pre School and we love it there.  Thanks.”

“More and more, J is talking about Pre School – singing songs he learns and telling more about things he has learnt.  He loves school and his friends.”

“I consider WPPS to be of exceptional value in my daughter’s life.  The staff and environment is always warm and welcoming.  Both my husband and my own expectations have been greatly met.”

“L has enjoyed her experience in the Pre School and is very sad that she cannot still attend.  She was eager to go to Pre School every day (even when sick) and always talks fondly of all the staff.”

“We have been very happy sending our son to the Pre School.  Thank you to all teachers for you hard work and dedication.  You have taught C so much and got him ready for ‘big school’.  Thank you!”

“We have been absolutely thrilled that E has loved going to Pre School.  He has enjoyed it so much because of all the hard work and nurturing environment that has been put into place at the Centre!  Thanks so much!!”

“We have been so happy with the level of engagement, participation and connection between our family and Pre School.  Our son has gained so much this year both academically and emotionally.  Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive and for this we are very appreciative.  Thank you for all your hard work, care and concern.”