We believe in C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N   F.I.R.S.T

Confidence and Self Esteem
We believe in building children’s confidence and self help skills by adopting the values of ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ and empowering and encouraging children to take on roles and responsibilities throughout the day.

Holistic approach
We believe in an holistic approach to each child – attending to their physical, personal, cognitive, social and emotional needs. 

We believe children’s interests are the best avenue for learning and accordingly are key drivers of our curriculum.

Learning through play
We understand that children learn through play as they discover, create, improvise and imagine and in doing so, develop social skills, cooperative play techniques and build friendships.

We recognise and celebrate the diversity of our children, families, educators and the community and acknowledge the Cabrogal Clan of the Darug People – the original custodians of our land.

Reflective Practices
We value the importance of reflecting on our practices to strive for ongoing development as professionals and quality improvement as a Centre.

Equality Opportunities/Equity
We are advocates for children and use strategies to maximise every child’s participation in all areas of the curriculum.

We create a nurturing environment for all children in our care 

We believe that learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when we work in partnerships with families.

Intentional teaching
We believe that intentional teaching challenges children and fosters higher level thinking skills.

We guide children to respect each other, the Centre’s facilities and belongings and the natural environment (and empower children to adopt sustainability practices).

Skilled Educators
We value and support each other to become Skilled Educators and responsible role models by sharing our ideas, beliefs, knowledge, experience and learning and by undertaking relevant professional development opportunities.  We value and embrace all components of the National Quality Framework, the Early Childhood Code of Ethics (2016) and the United Nations Rights of the Child (1990) in our work as early childhood professionals.        

Tomorrow’s Leaders
We believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and deserve the best possible start in life to lead their world into the challenges of the future.